What to do When You know Better


Choosing Cruelty Free Products, Why Now?

Hi! My name is Chrissy, I’m a Mom, Grandmother, Nurse and Freelance Writer.

This is a blog about choosing cruelty free products, one I’ve been working on for over two years. 

I’m glad you’ve found me here.    

I love to try new recipes about good, healthy food, sample new makeup products, shop for pretty clothes, shoes, handbags and home furnishings. It’s all part of being creative and I never seem to get enough of it.  

But somewhere along the line, I’ve become increasingly aware of the hidden animal cruelty and brutality that is so often associated with the everyday choices we make, without even realizing it.  

My eyes have been opened to what I personally have been eating, drinking, using in my home and wearing on my face and body.

One step leads to another doesn’t it?  

As if a light bulb suddenly switched on in my head, I began to question the choices we naturally make for the most part, because they are handed down to us.

Then came a reckoning.  

I began to question myself. Why was I doing that? How could I have been doing that, and for so long? 

What was I thinking, or wasn’t I?

 I decided to forgive my ignorance and just try to make it better.  

What I have discovered is I don’t want to be a part of terrifying, traumatizing or harming animals.

I don’t need or want any more mega burgers or world class, diced, sliced, chef created inspirations in a fine chardonnay sauce.

I don’t need or want to wear cosmetics manufactured by world famous companies who refuse to compromise on animal testing, especially when it just is not necessary anymore.

So, if you get the idea and any of this rings true with you, maybe together we can find a better way. 

One that doesn’t exploit living things, children, people or animals. 

I understand family inspired traditions and mores.

But once you know better, it's difficult to go back.

Today, people are searching for alternatives to animal testing, factory farming and animal cruelty in all its forms for many reasons. 

I began to search for organically and ethically grown, cruelty free food, cosmetics, clothing and household goods two years ago.

I discover more and more evidence-based facts, resources and information every day.

I'd like to share them with anyone who shares my concerns.  

I'm not an evangelist.

Instead I would like to act as a facilitator to those in search of honest, reputable resources.

We are all wonderfully unique and in this country, each of us personally owns the gift of free choice.

We can review our options and then come to our own conclusions.

Just so you know, the products and websites I link to are not affiliates. I tried them, liked them and offer them as a starting point resource for anyone who is looking for alternatives to animal and planet cruelty.