When You Know Better


Something you've always taken for granted doesn't make sense to you anymore.

Like switching the light on in a darkened room,  

that's the day when you know better


You want to make changes

You see mindless cruelty to animals is involved in manufacturing our food, household products, cosmetics and much more.  

You're becoming more and more aware that our health and the health of our planet is burdened by outdated habits and traditions we haven't given enough thought  to updating. 

You want to do something.   

You're motivated but not sure where to start or what to believe.  

That's the day when you know better


What's it all about?

When You Know Better and you want to make changes, you look for reliable, evidence based resources to help you along the way. 

WYKB hopes to act as a resource for bringing reliable, evidence based information on these topics to anyone who is searching. 

First, find reliable Information

Anyone can post anything to the internet

Whatever your new truth is, make sure your decisions are founded on reliable information from reputable sources. 

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When You Know Better