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When You Know Better...about Cruelty-Free Living

Something Doesn't Make Sense Anymore.


It's like switching the light on in a darkened room,  

and that's the day When You Know Better

What's it all about?


When You Know Better is a resource for finding reliable information about Vegetarian, Vegan & Cruelty Free Household and Cosmetic Products

When you know better .....about

Cruelty Free Food Resources

Meatless Monday
Eating Going Vegetarian

Start small!

Try Going Vegetarian article gives great advice on how to begin. 

then take a look at  

Meatless Monday


Cruelty Free Cosmetic Resources


There are many excellent Cruelty Free cosmetic choices. Take a look at Cruelty Free Cosmetics is the first website I visit for any category having to do with living Cruelty Free

Elf Cruelty Free Cosmetics

I have tried Elf cosmetics and love them. Not only are they CF but they are very affordable

Cruelty Free Kitty

This website drew my attention years ago when I first began searching for answers to finding CF cosmetic products..  

 Cruelty Free Kitty  

More from this great website 


Cruelty Free Household Resources

     Good Products for Getting Started 
Seventh Generation 
Mrs. Meyers

There are many Cruelty Free Household Cleaning Products available today.

Try first then choose.. List of Cruelty Free Cleaning Products 

Mrs. Meyers  

Seventh Generation